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Originally Posted by roadtrip1098 View Post
Soft Reset: Confirmed: Travel at 40+ MPH, move the selector lever to "N", pull back on both paddles for 8-10 seconds, move the selector lever back to "D".
Really only needs to be for 5 seconds max.

Originally Posted by roadtrip1098 View Post
Hill Hold: Confirmed: While on a hill and in "S" mode, pull back and hold the "-" paddle until RPM's elevate. This will partially engage the clutch and hold you on the hill.
Warning: Again, pre-mature clutch wear. If you're not moving within 1-2 seconds of using this, you shouldn't be using it.
It will deactivate/disengage this feature automatically after approx 4 seconds if the car doesn't move.

Both are definitely cool tips though, use them both quite often - so far no issues have arisen with the clutch (80k and going strong)
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