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Originally Posted by DropTopKingM3 View Post
You should pick up a book about investments and no where in that book will it say that a car is an investment. Perhaps the OP purchased the car so he can simply enjoy it. Even if he's not going to drive the car for a year he'll still be modding and addressing maintenance issues. I hate when people are in the market for cars and right away think of ways they can resell and unload the car. I buy my weekend cars based on enjoyment, I purchase my dailys based on reliability. For investments I throw my money into other things.

Beautiful car OP, enjoy it in good health bro
When i saw that comment too i was thinking the same thing. I bought this particular 330i because i loved the package and the imola red exterior. I have never purchased any vehicle as an investment but to simply enjoy and drive the car because owning bmw's is my hobby. Also some people were saying "Stop buying mods and do maintenance" and its dumb because i have already done most of the maintenance anyway it just wasnt my first priority because the car is just sitting and not being driven. Anyways i replaced the valve cover gasket, New rotors and pads, Fuel pump Gasket, and countless other things so take that. haha
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