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Originally Posted by oxfordgreenM3 View Post
Ok can we make a deal on that exhaust i really need it for my car and dont want to spend the money for a new one? pm plz so we can make a deal
Originally Posted by oxfordgreenM3 View Post
im willing to come pick it up if your not too deep in nj so you dont have to worry about shipping
Not wanting to ship anyway so you would have to come pick up and give me your OEM muffler. Although, the OEM muffler has to be in 100% perfect shape.

I have others in line that are interested in the car still. If the other interest falls through, I'll consider selling the ss race to you. To be honest, I just don't feel like doing anymore work on the car. I've taken/changed exhausts and muffers on this car so much that I just don't feel like taking the race off and having to put the OEM back on haha.

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