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My Ride: '02 M3 Blk/Imola SMG
I got my '02 M3 coupe in September with no one but the seller and his mechanic in favor of the SMG M3s (NOT very comforting)! The naysayers included my son, his mechanic (BMW specific) in Gainesville, my tech wizard (BMW pro) shake his head back and forth like a rag doll each and every time I mentioned the three letters SMG before I made my final decision to get one, so I've been very much the loaner in my choice of SMG over a manual! I will say that if you aspire to get the best out of these cars, you HAVE to treat them with much more attention than any automatic OR manual (once you can drive a car well )'s almost like it's alive and always changing and you as the driver are forced to work WITH it! Like a thoroughbred she's edgy almost moody and almost bad mannered at times but if you can take the time to get to know how the SMG system works in each of its settings and combinations then tap into the monster within, there is hardly any greater reward! THIS CAR IS A BLAST TO DRIVE
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