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Originally Posted by Shaban View Post
^ I'm 23 years old, run a small business (pawn shop). I'm not sure what part is torn or how big the tear is... doctor wasn't very detailed.

I wanted to hear from people who have gone through the surgery (or know people who have gone through it). Everything I read online gives me different answers. I figured sleeping would be hard, but I do have a recliner and have read that it helps to sleep on one. How long will I be in a sling, need medicine, be unable to move my arm, etc.? Doctors told me I should be fine to go to New York 2 days after the procedure, but what do others think (that have gone thru it before)?
If your doctor thinks that a 23 yr old tearing a Rotator cuff is rare, I would have someone else do the surgery. It's pretty common. I tore my Labrum and had my cuff buffed when he was in there because it was taking a beating. Sleeping is tough, the first couple days i slept almost sitting upright. You will realize that you bump your shoulder on EVERYTHING. They will suggest you to be in a slick for 4-6 weeks. I took mine off in two. I took my arm out everyday as instructed and basically let it hang/swing for a couple minutes.

I don't care what anyone tells you, the tearing of the scar tissue will be the worst pain you might ever feel. I cried, it hurt that bad. Without the scar tissue being cleared out, you will be very immobile. Make sure you go through the proper rehab or you will have some serious range of motion issues. Good luck.
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