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I agree the SMG is a blast to drive , learning the sweet spot to shift at the right RPM, every one is bashing the SMG but lets do a comparison if you don't know how to drive a standard you can do more damage to the transmission than a SMG , a clutch and stripping the gears is way more costly to fix .
Maintenance is key change transmission fluid ever third oil change , it is cheaper to change transmission fluid than engine oil on a smg , there is a soft ware up grade for the SMG the shift is a lot smoother ,they do it at the stealers, if you have an up to date shop they can do it a lot cheaper I spoke to my to the mechanic another thing to do is change the ball and spring for the pump the spring gets week and the ball get away and damages the pump , one more thing when parking on an incline put your hand brake on before you put it in 1 mode to park,when you are ready to restart you can hear the transmission struggling to shift into N I love the SMG.
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