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Originally Posted by TramRam View Post
it's almost like it's alive and always changing and you as the driver are forced to work WITH it!
This is so very true. I remember the first time I went up a really steep drive. I turned into the driveway in third gear. Half way up the car decided that it needed to be in second to avoid stalling. Scared the **** out of me when it paused to shift. I was going pretty slow.

Knowing when to downshift was the main thing I had to get used to. Like if you're coming to a complete stop it's okay to let the car take care of all the downshifting. If you're just coming to a rolling stop often times you'll be in too high of a gear.

It's not a fault, though. The car only downshifts when it may stall. Optimal downshifting is left up to the driver. The only thing I really miss about a stick is having complete control over the clutch. But I think the benefits of SMG really make up for that. I do enjoy driving it. I could have bought a manual M3 easily. But I can buy just about any car in a manual and I've owned a ton of them. I wanted something unique.
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