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Front end clicking

2001 325xi Touring.

I just had my local mechanic put in a new diff seal on the passenger side, and he put new diff fluid in the car.

In the morning, when the car is cold, I take off and hear this wheel speed clicking/ticking. It is not a consistent speed (like straight eighth notes). The velocity of the noise will increase and decrease with wheel speed. I have slowed down and reved the engine to see if that would change the noise, which it did not. Pressing on the brakes hard while its making the noise will slow the noise down.

After the car has been driven a couple of miles, and everything warms up, the noise subsides and the car runs as it should.

Here is a video (really just the audio) of the noise. There are not codes, dif fluid was just replaced by a respectable shop. It seems like the noise is coming more from the driver side. The passenger axle has been replaced. I have a driver side axle waiting to go into the car, I just haven't put it in yet.

Any thoughts?

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