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Originally Posted by KwhyLE View Post
now that season 7 is over, are we going to talk about how we continued the discussion in the season 6 thread?

I was thinking this all season long. Maybe we should create the "Official" Season 8 thread now to avoid this nonsense

Originally Posted by jmcdolej View Post
I am a huge Dexter fan. That was horrible. The show is following the path of Nip/tuck. Epic beginnings to gradual ridiculousness to complete not giving a sh1t (e36/e46 switch). Season had so much potential to waste.

Finale unrealistic
-e36 switch
Dexter and Hannah at jail with physical contact with a murderer hahahahaha no f ing way.
Hannah and Deb talking before court
Hannah's friend giving her the pill after court no f ing way.
Hannah escaping from the hospital.

Just stupid and makes me sad.
Suspended's a tv show. Let's try not to be too critical and just enjoy it for what it is

I will agree with you however. The mistakes that you pointed out were just flat out lazy. For the majority of viewers the e46/e36 switch will never be noticed, as well as not putting a second thought to the remainder of your list more than just being ok with it for what it is....a "well I guess that could happen" mentality b/c they just don't know any better.
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