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Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
I realize there are tons of crappy parents.. but there is NO way a parent like the one you described is going to benefit from a "training class". It will just suck up resources and throw more money down the drain trying to benefit scumbags.

I stand behind this 100%. Hell, remove the tax benefits for ALL kids. Make those that have multiple kids pay MORE for them. There is no justification for an inner city family getting MORE money from the government for popping out MORE children that they can't already afford. It's preposterous.

Look at the 50s, 60s, and 70s... middle class families had plenty of kids that they could afford to care for. Look at today. Middle class families have mayyyybe two or three kids, upper class families have mayyybe one or two... lower class families? 5 or 6! The socioeconomic realities of our birth rates are NOT healthy nor sustainable.. especially when we couple them with a society that believes the rich (which are shrinking) should pay for all those below them (which is growing exponentially).
While I agree with all of this the intention of my last post was what to do with the children that have been currently born to crappy parents? Obviously we need to put our foot down and say enough is enough for future births.
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