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Google cooling system overhaul on here - conventional wisdom is to replace some cooling items when the car is over 100K before they fail and warp the head or blow the engine.

I think, given the fact that you are into cars, you will truly enjoy the XI. To me, the only similarity between a BMW and a Subaru is that they have four wheels and are made out of metal. Subarus are good cars, but the driving experience leaves a lot to be desired. And my mechanic says they have their share of problems after 100k just like any other car.

You sound more than capable of working on a BMW, and labor is 75% of the battle in maintaining one. Enjoy and don't worry about it. Heck, I was stupid enough to by a LR Discovery II six years ago. My total outlay for replacement parts/labor has been $1000.00 - a drive shaft (had a shop do it), but brake pads, a purge valve, thermostat/hoses and a cam shaft sensor - all bought and done by me. Everyone told me I lost my mind buying a Land Rover, but its been a fantastic vehicle.

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