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Originally Posted by nnacpil View Post
Thanks for replying. I checked my wg lines and one of the connectors from the skinny hose to the thick hose was broken. Went to advanced auto to pick up a vacuum connector and fixed the line. Put everything back together along with testing the solenoids which btw works properly. Tested the car and was still over boosting.

Wanted to mention that I recently swapped my SS race exhaust to hpf's ti exhaust. Since the back pressure is reduced, would this cause my over boosting issues? I've read that people would have to send their ems back to HPF for a new tune. After checking the map sensor, boost solenoids, and wg lines, it has lead me to believe that I need a new tune.

Anyone care to input? Thanks.
You went from a muffler to straight pipes...so I would say you definitely have quite a bit of reduced backpressure which would cause some overboost most likely if it wasn't tuned for it...that much overboost? Tough to say...
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