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Originally Posted by EverydayGetaway View Post
Based on the work I've done on my girlfriend's '07 Accent I would never even consider buying a hyundai. Simple crap like changing a license plate bulb on that car is a total chore. BMW's are some of the easiest cars to work on imo as long as you're patient and do your research. That said, yes, they didn't require a bit more money and a bit more regular upkeep than your average economy sedan.

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This statement couldn't be closer to the truth. I was always fearful of owning a BMW because of the "rumors" regarding their reliability, so instead I bought Toyota, Lexus, Acura etc. Just one example ( of many ) of how much easier my e46 is to work on than lets say my LP bulb need to have the entire trunk liner removed, then a nut here and a bolt there before I could access the bulb. E46...two screws and 10 seconds of my life's done.

The BMW does require owners that appreciate their vehicles and take good care of them both mechanically and cosmetically. They are the best cars on the road for all around performance, look, and are outright sexy in the design department.

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