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I did this in about 1.5 hours. It was pretty straight-forward.

One tip to those who have issues putting the alternator back on:

1] (battery is still disconnected, right?) Screw down the positive lead on the alternator
2] Wiggle the alternator in place and align / loosely thread the top bolt. This will ensure that the bottom hole only needs to be adjusted on one plane (making life MUCH easier).
3] Insert a large tapered drift, a large phillips-head or a 1/4 ratchet extension to line up the bottom bolt hole with the bracket (you can tell that it is lined up when you feel no 'lip' on the inside when you move the drift in and out). I found that you could make minor adjustments in position by inserting a 1/4" ratchet extension and using a circular prying motion until no 'lip' was felt.
4] Insert lower bolt. If it still catches, pushing it straight in will make it tilt in the opposite direction of the 'lip' that is in your way. For example, if the lip is on the bottom the bolt will tilt up and the alternator needs to move slightly down. Repeat #3 and #4 until the bolt goes in.
5] Tighten down the bolts and plug the rear alternator connector in.

I was able to get the alternator back on in about 6 minutes using this method. I also found that cleaning the alternator thoroughly made it easier to slip into place.

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