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Soft Reset: Confirmed: Travel at 40+ MPH, move the selector lever to "N", pull back on both paddles for 8-10 seconds, move the selector lever back to "D".

Originally Posted by scca_ziptie View Post
Really only needs to be for 5 seconds max.
Honestly, unless I'm losing it, you don't even have to be at 40+ MPH. I prefer to do my soft resets coasting to a stop that way it can start all over again reengaging the clutch in 1st instead of finding a gear at a given MPH.

In regards to the Uphill Assist,, or "hill hold" as you've called it.. You can easily tap the paddle again to disengage if you don't intend on moving within 1-2 seconds. It's nice for me because I have a right turn on red on my way to work and sometimes I can use it, others I have to disengage because someone will be flying down the street when I think I have an opening.
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