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I dunno, the interior held together alright, but the doors felt like they were off a Mitsubishi and everything scratched up easily. They were very light and tinny. If the car didn't weigh 30% more than an E46 that could be excused... but it's heavy. And the GAUGE CLUSTER!!! It doesn't look like it came off a BMW at all!!! I actually looked at trying to retrofit an E46 cluster into the X3 It looks awful! Admittedly it was a pre-update.

Otherwise though..... Man it drove great. It was SOOOOO nice to drive. Handled almost as well as the 330i but with a much much better driving position. In the end I couldn't get over how cheap the interior looked And was too scared to take it on the beach (which was the whole point in the first place)

Oh, and at half the mileage of the E46 it had all the same problems -___-. Guess it's luck of the draw.

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