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Originally Posted by VALMONT View Post
you do not watch top gear? James May loves this term for Chavs that drive like D-bags!

i do, just not that much.

Originally Posted by cyberkaa View Post
Go here:

Click on the link "Wiring Diagram Symbols and Wire Colors"


Originally Posted by cyberkaa View Post
That would have distracted Raj for hours.
LOL, i started looking through it.

Originally Posted by evilstar View Post

damn, i was planning to redo the connections to the horn and temp sensor, but turns out when my car first went to the body shop, they totally cut them off. now i gotta go source plugs. i thought it'd be a universal fit plug, but nobody has it. and i know my local bmw is going to rape for it.

didn't get to put the bumper back on, it got SUPEr fuking cold.
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