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I'll try get the codes read. I've got all the equipment at home just haven't set up the laptop yet. Shall try do this on my time off for Christmas..

The pocket of air sounds logical but I think it would've presented itself before. I have an Intravee II that logs trips including max coolant temp and I keep a pretty close eye on this when I go on spirited drives. It's never gone above 95 before and that was at the track. Done plenty of up hill driving too. Granted, this was on a pretty steep hill when the coolant temp rose but I've driven in very similar scenarios before. I've driven up Nebo before and had to drive above 4,000rpm the whole time to prevent a driveshaft vibration I had. No issues with coolant then so I think it's something mechanical / electrical that has failed.

Originally Posted by KOpower View Post
Sorry for what happened -

I can't help but think
- revving it highish for a while
- climbing uphill mountains
- full full full blast aircon (with the windows open ?! You know opening the windows with aircon makes the Ac continuously work harder and puts more load)
- a very hot day

All contributed to your high engine temps.

The e46 manual even says temps between blue and red are normal.

BUT I still think something is off - perhaps water pump ? (don't thermostats usually get stuck in open position)?

Good luck with the diagnosis!
I do realise this but how else am I suppose to stay cool when it's 37 degrees outside and hear the symphony that is a GT3 RS, 430, 360, E60 M5, E92 M3 and many more all at WOT!

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