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Injury 6 years ago.

So I'm here at my favorite track, going for a late night job. Another attempt to get back in my fighting weight, or so they say. I used to jog between 4-5 miles a day, including Saturday and Sunday. Yea I know, you're supposed to rest and not over do it, but I was determined, and I feared of being obese. Six years ago, I had gone for my daily night run while making a foolish mistake to read an important text I fell off the tracks edge bending the crap out of my ankle. I couldn't get up for nearly an hour because of the intense pain, so I took a couple breaths and walked very slowly to my car. To make matters even worse, my car was manual, more pain. I never went to a doc, which was very stupid. I got home and my ankle/feet were so swollen it was unbearable, I couldn't even stand up. Years went by and I ended up gaining over 30+ pounds. I used to be 172-175, and now I'm 232. I'm where I promised myself I wouldn't be. I ended up getting free X-rays and diagnostics from a good friend of mine " foot & ankle associates", and the results weren't good. I didn't know what I exactly damaged since I didn't have and still don't have health insurance, so I couldn't help myself. I didn't want to pay nor could I afford what I thought would be thousands to fix my ankle. It turned out I had ripped tendons, my lateral lateral ligament to be more specific. I knew I really messed it up, and because of this I hadn't been able to get back on my feet. It's as if I have lost all my determination and will, I can't do anything about it, I can't find motivation. I'm here at the park I used to run and jog at--I decided to give it another shot. I feel unbalanced because of my injury, but I decided to see it as an excuse and better my health. Time to lose weight and see a doc no matter the cost. I really miss being light, fast, strong and well, good looking, lol.

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That might be a little cheesy, but a friend of mine showed me this, said it inspired him so I read it.
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