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Fitted Auto Transmission Thermostat and then new expansion tank. I checked the operation of the low coolant sensor. Interestingly, the sensor itself does not enter a water gallery. It is a reed switch operated by a float with an attached magnet in a fluid passage alongside the sensor pocket. So for anyone's benefit, you can change the sensor without loosing any fluid. ... neat!

Clipped up the bottom of the expansion tank and the two clips on the upper radiator hose and proceeded to bleed the system using the standard procedure mentioned many times elsewhere. When no further bubbles came out I closed the bleed screw and replaced the cap. On starting the car and giving it a few revs, I heard a couple of gurgles from the heater, so leaving the car idling, I opened the bleed screw and got a few more bubbles out. A short drive and the gauge sits in the middle and no more gurgling so I think I have it licked ... Hope so anyway.

So for Auto owners, replace the Auto Transmission Thermostat when doing an expansion tank replacement.

Cheers and a Merry Christmas to all.
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