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Originally Posted by TruckDaddy View Post
They explained that. The idea was to make it look like LaGuerta and the Cuban guy killed each other in a shoot-out. Miami PD would then find her and the guy's body there and that, along with the evidence Dexter left framing LaGuerta, would be enough to show that LaGuerta was the Bay Harbor Butcher.
If dexter didnt take care of the bodies, then ballistic will show that it was deb's gun that killed laguerta, not cuban guy's. I think it's better if their bodies were missing. I know this is a TV show, but things like those should be taken into account. After all, dexter has been very thorough in his blood spatter analysis throughout the series. Viewers will feel cheated if the miami PD just conclude that laguerta and cuban guy killed each other, unless of course, dexter planted evidence (removed the bullet from laguerta and shot into the gunshot wound with cuban guy's gun). I honestly think season 7 wasnt nearly as good as season 4
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