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Originally Posted by AndyN View Post
I have the two in the headers but I have an eisenmann mid section which gets rid of the second two.
Hmmmm I am wondering should I order those headers with the 75 day working day wait after all!
Does the engine have to be lifted out again to fit them?
More info...ok.

It's possible that the cats have been the issue.

It's also possible you have an oversized pulley for the TS2+ kits by mistake. (The TS3 kit I think was set at 13 PSI, but needed different cams and aftermarket headers.)

I would want to fit the headers with the engine out, but before you do that you need to figure out if your existing CATs are bad. It would be a bit silly to replace them, only to find you had the same problem. (Overboosting)

Maybe consider sending the headers back to the manufacturer to have them checked?
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