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Originally Posted by TxZHP04 View Post
Where did you have your boost gauge connected? Presumably on one of the existing vac ports ESS provided? If so, this is pre charge cooling and you should read more than 8psi of boost as that spec value is post charge cooling. Your 11 psi might be a tad high but probably not by much. ESS should be able to tell you what is normal for your setup. What size pulley were you running?
Im just running whatever pulley came on the unit which I presumed untill now to be for the B25 TS2. It is possible however that this was for TS2+ or from the TS2 b30.. I would have to go measure it to be sure.
Anyone know what size the b25 TS2 pulley should be?

Thats good to know about pre and post charge. Yes its connected to the lines ESS provided. With your TS2+ what pre charge would you see on your gauge?
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