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Originally Posted by jfoj View Post
VANOS seals may play into this a bit and this is mentioned in the very first post, however, I personally believe that VANOS seals are more of an issue above 2000-2500 RPM. What I think happens is people replace the valve cover gasket and possibly the CCV and the broken SAP vacuum hose when replacing the VANOS seals and their cold start issues are resolved, not due to the VANOS seal, but do to the ancillary vacuum leaks that are either purposefully corrected or corrected due to the valve cover replacement.

I would bet that 95+% of the cold start issues can be resolved without VANOS seal replacement.

Hmm. I am having cold start issues with my sedan. It stumbles and dies unless I keep it up to 2000rpm for a minute or 2. Only does it on really cold mornings. I have replaced virtually everything that causes vacuum leaks so far, only thing left to check is the SAP line. If that doesn't solve it then VANOS seals it is.
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