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Originally Posted by mackenzie1979 View Post
Lol what cars yours?
I just have the one. My car is the one that drove to NYC from NJ in about 20 mins. I'm surprised you hadn't heard about it before, but I guess you don't hang in the General forum much. Under the hood, all I can say is that my engine has put out more power than all but a few here. You wouldn't want to race me, quite honestly; there'd be no point, and you'd feel like an idiot after trying, unless, of course, you take racing light-heartedly like me.

If you recall having read about green tires, that's me...just one of the three here that's painted them.

Originally Posted by E46Mango View Post
Drop is too aggressive to be useful. not digging the wheels, hood, black roof,emblems, what looks like red badging on the side vents, or grills. otherwise seems ok? i'm sure the inside looks ok? any pics of it?
Originally Posted by MercForHire View Post
After I vote. Do I get to jizz on his car?
You're disgusting, but I won't report you since I'm one of the two here than actually loves your posts! lol

Originally Posted by mackenzie1979 View Post
You don't know what Hpf is?
Ian, Mango is our purist. He's very modest in his styling tastes, thinking that when you 'cry out' look at me with styling cues, that it takes away from the car as a whole. I sort of agree. When I see a car with painted calipers, a dot of color here or there, my eye goes to those spots...as the designer intended. But, the 'add on' designer, like hpf, when they add a drop of red to say hpf, it's almost to me like keeping on a license plate frame from the dealer...kind of tacky. Nothing personal.

I know hpf put a lot into your car, but the style of it is 95% bmw (with some tweaking). I agree with Mango that understated makes for a more beautiful car. Same as with women...I prefer pumps, T-shirt, and khakis, to one all done up with 6" stilettos.

Oh, also, Mango wants to do what Merc does too...they're both really jealous!
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