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Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
Here is the issue. We have religious TRADITIONS in this country that are getting swept under the rug by secularists.

I think it largely has to do with the educational system in this country and the fact that MOST textbooks twist the presentation of history to reflect this notion of a "separation of church and state" as a clearly defined founding principle... that simply ISN'T the case. Our nation was founded by Christian men who integrated religious practices into much of the tenants of law and legal practices... don't forget we had federally recognized state religions, prayers were said prior to congressional sessions, etc... In god we trust isn't just a line that somehow found itself on our currency.. Sure it wasn't there from the beginning of common law in this land.. but it's a result of the religious freedoms that were instituted by our founding fathers.

Now that we have established that religion WAS accepted by our founding fathers and early politicians
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