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Originally Posted by 2000_328ci View Post

You're implying that american slavery marked the advent of institutionalized racism....

Furthermore, that american slavery was as bad as it got? X 4432423423

do you realize how many people have been enslaved through military conquest.... You think they had it better than black slaves in this country? Do you remember the christians being thrown to the lions for the entertainment of the masses?

Are you fricken kidding me with this sh*t

edit: Fwiw, i'm not trying to defend slavery. Clearly evil was committed and blacks were exploited. But let's not just throw everyone from that period of time under the bus... And let's not ignore the black on black slavery that took place simultaneously in africa.
Originally Posted by 2000_328ci View Post
what point are you even trying to make here busa. I'd rather be a white land owner in early colonial america because i wouldn't have had badass us soldiers shooting at my german @$$

edit: Just to make myself clear, my frustrations (at this point) aren't even with the op... But nonsense like what b_cyrus throws are gets under my skin as it's soooooooo preposterous.

Us marking first institutionalized racism And the worst slave owners in history
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