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Originally Posted by Jerzboy21 View Post
Thanks a bunch, that diagram really makes it soo much clearer , n I thought the stock rims that I had was 16" I attached the one that I have
If you have a 325 without the sport package then I think you have the 16 inch wheels. All the E46 cars have the same total diameter regardless of wheel size. If you go up in wheel size and stay the same width, then the profile ratio needs to go down. has a ton of useful information on how all this works.


Okay I saw your photo that you just attached. You are running either 205/55-16 or 225/50-16. So if you upgrade to a 17 inch wheel you will need to go to a 225/45/-17 to keep the same diameter. This is what I have on the front of my car.

Here is a good tire size calculator that visually shows the size comparison:

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