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Originally Posted by B_Cyrus View Post
If you can find me concrete evidence, as in from a scholarly source, from someone who did years and years of research and not some stupid little yahoo article like I'm sure you can find, please find me evidence of institutionalized racism outside of the slavery in the US, NOT institutionalized slavery. This means laws, regulations, and other pieces of evidence for your argument.

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Blacks started the slave trade. White slave traders basically just went there to pick up slaves and leave. They weren't capturing slaves or even really setting foot in Africa. Every slave sold was done so because an African enslaved and sold his fellow black man.

After slavery ended many blacks returned to found Liberia, which had a thriving slave trade until about 1990 IIRC. Freed slaves sought to have slaves of their own as a sign of success. One of the largest slave traders in America was a freed slave.

Without black people selling black slaves, white men would have no way to purchase them. They sure as heck weren't going to venture into the jungle with butterfly nets.

Slavery exists today as well in Asia and other places. Sex slave trading continues to this day, even in America where a couple here on Long Island was recently caught. To try to pin anything on only white people is bigoted, and equally ignorant of history and facts.
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