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My Ride: Is in a salvage yard
AGE: Mid 30s
RACE: White
LOCATION: Lives Below me (basically in my basement) with his wife Adrianne

I have met the people that live below me through a discrepency in the cable bill. Entire house shares one bill. Long story short: I had to explain how the internet works to ben, what a wireless router was, and why I needed to hook mine up in his house/basement dwelling in order for me to have internet. He acted like he understood it all but then at the end he asked me "So, can we both be on the internet at the same time with this thingy?" and then "If I look at something on my computer is it on your computer too or can you look at something else". Ben came up a couple weeks ago to chit chat before his wife got off work, I gave him a beer and we watched basketball. He informed me how he is a former drug addict and how his dad murdered 2 men when he (Ben) was in his 20s. Ben used to stain and seal furniture for a living, he is currently unemployed and helps Cornbread out with the lawn-care business. Ben now stops in periodically for a beer (He never brings his own) and an entertaining conversation. He's a pretty good guy just a little odd. His latest hobbies appear to be: Feeding the neighborhood stray cats, listening to super loud guitar solos with the bass turned up, and yelling at his wife. I hope Ben finds work soon.

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