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Originally Posted by Hageee View Post
does the water/meth kit REALLY adds more HP or is this no gain which is able to feel ... please answer unemotional, becouse i'll buy a snow performance kit, if your answer is: it adds more, and i feel it!

The Problem with a superchargerkit, without intercooling, is the hot air which is terrible for the engine and kills all boosts-gains becouse the engine is pinging and the ecu retards the ignition ...
I didn't feel anything noticeably different, but I changed to the 9psi soon after I added it. My IAT did go down from 120-150 max to 70-80 deg fah when spraying, which was pretty awesome.

btw LOVED the snow performance kit, used my windshield fluid wiper bottle as a reservoir and monitored my intake air temps (IAT) with an ODB2 reader (scangauge II)

(7 psi pulley)
Originally Posted by Scooby24 View Post
Methanol pulls heat out of the charged air when it quickly evaporates from the atomization. That, in addition to the h20 saturation slows down the fuel burn, allowing for significant amounts of increased timing, which lowers EGT, allowing for a leaner AFR and more boost before detonation occurs and the EGT comfort zone is exceeded.

So yes, it REALLY allows for more HP. It doesn't produce it alone, but allows for significant alterations to a tune which will make more power.
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