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Originally Posted by UDM-E46 Enthusiast View Post
I've been noticing random shootings, countless life's taken, and I don't know why. We had a guy come to Walgreens only to jump in the pharmacy, swallow a bottle of Vicodin and then blow his head off. Then there's the recent San Antonio shooting. There's so many and it's getting out hand. I feel like buying a bat and keeping it in my trunk. Is your family safe?
WTF is a bat going to do?

Hey....wait strange crazy man trying to rob me...I have to get something from my trunk.

Get a pistol and learn how to use it.

Yes, I know guns are icky but its much more effective and much easier emotionally to shoot somebody than it is to bash there brains in with a bat, killing with a blunt weapon is a much more personal experiance than just pulling a trigger.

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