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Originally Posted by bimmerfan08 View Post
lol @ using a bat. He's better off with throwing a knife.
Not really, a bat could be usefull but you have to have quick access to it and you have to be prepaired to kill. You cant just hit somebody once or twice and say "Give up yet?" You beat the worthless pos until he cant lift his head.

I've been in 3 attempted robberies in my life, two were before I found the usefullness of a handgun. One, somebody tried to get in my car but the door was locked and he "dove" inside my window, I stepped on the gas and drug him a ways with his body hanging halfway out my window. He got away before I could find a pole to hit. Rolled a few times and ran off like a shot.

The second time I was setting at a light near the mall, a homeless looking man grabbed my unlocked door. At this time I did not carry a gun, I did however keep a sawed off baseball bat/billy club next to my seat. He pulled me out of the car and threw me in to the street, I bairly and I do mean bairly grabbed that bat. I caught him right in the teeth, stepped over his limp bleeding body and drove off.

Funny thing, a couple days later I washing some blood splatter off my car and I found a gold capped tooth laying on my cowl..... Still got it setting on my desk infront of me.

The third time, a bum outside of a store cought me by the arm after I refused to give him my change. Once he got physical I took several steps back and drew my .45.... That was the last I saw of him as he rounded the corner.

This world aint no fairy tail, it ****ing sucks....either you do nothing or you do everything you can to protect you and your family. Putting a short bat in a reachable place is better than nothing BUT you have to understand that its not a end all solution. Since you dont sound like much of a fighter you have to expect that it may get taken from you and you may get beaten and/or killed with it.

I suggest getting a small friendly revolver, something like a J frame. Very user friendly, very safe, very easy to lean on. You may never need it but if you do atleast you have something...
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