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Originally Posted by cinredman View Post
If by "sticker", you are talking about the sticker on the driver side frame, my sticker only list the stock tires and spare...

Went ahead and inflated per the sticker on the door (35-front, 40-rear), but you got me rethinking it...

Please let me know if there is another location where I should be looking...

Well, I just checked my own sticker and, for the 205-55/17 tires that were oem, my sticker only shows one recommended pressure: 39 front and 46 rear (with the doughnut at 61psi). This is for a 2005 330CiC. The size of wheels and tires have varied over time, so that may account for the differences between stickers. Yes, the sticker to which I refer is the one on the body of the car itself, visible when you open the driver side door.
When I bought the car, it was delivered with 36/36. When I later pointed out the discrepancy to the service advisor at BMW, he professed astonishment (after checking out my sticker) saying he was 'used to' seeing 36/36.

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