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Originally Posted by rdsesq View Post
The revolutionary war is over and long gone. Should we cut back on how much is taught about that? Does it really matter if Paul Revere went riding through the night or one if by land two if by sea. Modern day individuals would just send out a tweet.
Did I say rid it from the classrooms? No. But I remember being in elementary school and practically have it re-emphasized grade level after the next that slavery existed or this famous person had slaves or this happened because of slavery. Most other historical topics are touched on usually once followed by a test and you move on to the next history lesson. For some like me, it was like okay I understand it was bad and it's no longer prevalent, but for others, I feel it fuels negativity and hatred towards certain groups to this day.

And the revolutionary war is uplifting and is a positive era for our country to look back on. It marks the beginning of the great country we reside in today.
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