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Originally Posted by TonyJ View Post
Well, when I changed my fuel filter, the fuel keeps coming out from the line. I thought it may stop in a while, but it didn't... I accumulated about 5 litres and it still kept dripping with no slowing. At the end of the day, I did not want to wait any loner and just connect the new filter to stop the drain

My tank was pretty full though, so I guess this way you can drain out quite a lot of fuel to make pump change easier.

And I jacked up the rear higher maybe that caused more fuel flow to the fuel filter?
This is exactly why you should buy new fuel line and 6 new clamps, and have everything assembled and ready to stick in place as soon as you remove the old filter. Do the engine side first - remove the filter, and stick the new one on. Then pop off the two rear hoses, and stick the new filter in place. Make sure you have the clamps on the lines when you switch the new one in. I only lost about 1/2 a quart of fuel doing it this way. The prep work is critical here. Make sure your new lines are cut to the correct length, make sure you aligh the clamps correctly, so you can reach them when you slip the new filter in place. Once you pop off the front hose on the old filter, have the new one close at hand, and ready to pop in. Don't attach the clamps until you pop off the rear hoses, and fit the new filter in place. You can't screw around after removing the old filter, or you will lose fuel the entire time. Depressurizing the system by pulling the fuel pump fuse only helps you prevent being sprayed in the face! Done correctly, you will lose very little fuel. Don't cheap out, and try to reuse the old hoses and clamps. They will likely need replaced anyway. Don't forget to replace rubber sections of the vacuum line between the regulator on the new filter, and the hard line, and from the F connector on the intake hose, and the other end of the fuel pressure regulator hard line. Check the hard line, and make sure it is not cracked before reusing it.
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