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Originally Posted by klubeck View Post
Really? Care to give your reasoning instead of just blatantly disregarding it as an option.

I'm a big Liam Neeson fan after his recent resurgence in bigger titles. I thought the chemistry between the actors was superb and the concept for the movie was different than what else had been coming out lately. The solidarity and survival nature of the film was intriguing. One of my favorite books growing up was Hatchet and even though that doesn't relate too much to this film it still focused on an individuals need to survive against the elements relying mainly on themselves in hopes of beating the odds.

OP Sorry your computers are pretty much taking a sh!t on your ability to watch a film...usually it is as easy as others have stated regarding authorizing computers and players. Going between Windows and Mac could possibly throw some trouble shooting in there
Thread revival....

OK, I'm a Liam Neeson fan as well. Really enjoy his stuff, right from when he did Schindler's List.

Agree with your points above, but in terms of what my mates and I were looking for, it was a real let down. We watched it together on a home theatre, and while the imagery was excellent, the sense of isolation was very real and the forced camaradary because of the situation was interesting to watch.

The let down was the ending. There was a lot of predictability and even though we watched into the credits for the final shot, it left us unsatisfied and hence frustrated.

That's all.

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