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Originally Posted by dabears View Post
I think you are referring to my PWO shake, the dark chocolate almond milk (made from almonds) contains no useable protein, but I put two scoops of double chocolate ON whey in to make up for it.

Plenty of simple sugars to spike insulin post workout, plus fast digesting whey.

For those wondering why chocolate milk is a great PWO drink, its because it contains complete casein proteins (slower digesting, think 8 hours compared to ~1 hour with whey) as well as lots of sugar to spike insulin (the most anabolic muscle building hormone in your body) It also contains Vitamins A & D... this is all off the top of my head, could be a couple smaller benefits.

In my opinion, the only difference in muscle growth an individual would see switching from a whey PWO shake (combined with simple carbs) to chocolate milk would be if they did not already have lots of slow digesting proteins in their stomach (eating a 50g+ protein laden meal of chicken/beef/etc 3-4 hours earlier). Whey when coupled with the slower digesting proteins from animals / casein is very effective at building muscle.

I believe a lot of people are just focused on getting whey protein in after the gym, and mix it with water / regular milk. Simple carbs are as important (I'd argue more important) as getting protein into your bloodstream. This is what makes chocolate milk effective, the combination of simple sugars + casein proteins.
You're right. My mistake
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