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Originally Posted by E46Mango View Post
Not sure how I missed this comment. How is preventing a catastrophic overheat by spending $500 every 5 years or 60,000 miles a waste of money?

Cooling refresh=$500
Reliable transportation=$10,500

Is that a seriously hard concept to comprehend? This isn't your typical V-configuration engine--these engines are particularly vulnerable to permanent damage once overheated. All it takes is one leaking part or a frayed belt to ruin your day.

Are you not aware of all the overheating threads we get on a daily basis?

Ever notice the people that properly maintain their cooling systems never post such cooling failure threads?

If you can't afford the $500 on top of the money you spent to buy your car, you shouldn't be driving one. Period.

Again, people against this can choose what to do with their cars. You can sit there and diagnose all day long, repair one part at a time. I've been there and done that. I know what it takes and this is why this thread exists.

The information provided in this thread is for those that will use it properly. And given the thousands of positive responses, it seems to sit quite well with people.
I know my car isn't worth 10k but still

I went ahead and bought everything to replace the system.

I can easily justify it a few different ways: I haven't had a car payment is over 5 years, so spending money here and there isn't a big deal, and is always fun to work on my car. And... My car just hit 120k and I ask myself how much longer am I expecting this thermostat/exp tank to last? To 200k?

This weekend I'm gonna enjoy some beers and sling some wrenches.

And if you just Google BMW E46 warped head then you'll see
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