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Originally Posted by rdsesq View Post

Yeah...the "westward expansion" is taught from the viewpoint of the "liberal left". Puhleez.

How many classrooms teach that it was the systematic extermination of several civilizations. (Yes, different tribes can be viewed as different civilizations)

Hell, I nearly got kicked out of grade school back in the early 70's for arguing that they weren't teaching history, but, propaganda.

I agree with the idea of "historical context, not a racial one". However, I disagree with the point that "I feel it fuels negativity and hatred towards certain groups to this day" That is a cop-out. Those groups don't need any fueling.
I have never seen a school that teaches....

1)Slavery was started by warlords in Africa (blacks) selling blacks to the American slave owners.

2) After slavery was abolished, many freed slaves went BACK to Africa, and promptly ENSLAVED the local population (Liberia.) There is a reason why their capital is Monrovia.

3) When the slaves were freed, many refused to leave.

4) Blacks, as a large percentage are slaves again to the white man, thanks to victimization and they are now slaves to the government instead. In a "school" perspective, during slavery, blacks were property. Just like a car, you take care of it for long service life. The slaves were looked after because if something should happen to them, you lost your property since it would be useless to you. As a result, they were fed, clothed, sheltered, etc. Today, the majority of the prison population is black and young. Inner cities are some of the most dangerous places anywhere. They are not financially independent. Who's to blame? Absolutely the white man for victimizing the black race, rather than let them prosper. This is NOT taught in schools. When is it better for a young black man to be born? During slavery times, or now in the ghetto? It is a legitimate subject that is never talked about.

None of those things are taught in schools, and that is historical...and what some here call, the liberal left way to teach about slavery.

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