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Yea its def the alternator. My light came on like 3weeks ago after pushing the motor to 6k rpms. I tested the battery with a voltmeter. Car not running-12.5volts. Car running,nothing on-13.9-14.0. Everything running, 13.6volts. I did the car self test, same results. I then talked to my indy shop. My mech said that actually if youre getting more than 13.8volts with everything on then there is a problem. Your system is over charging. In my case, my batt light hasnt come back on since. Could have been too high rpms. But its your alt dude. Its an easy fix. Autozone has one with a.lifetime qarranty for 145 bucks. Easy install. Therea diy's. But u dont really need them. The belt tension is automatic so just turn bolt move belt aside. Its easy
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