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Originally Posted by jonhaan View Post
i have everything installed, turbo (6266), manifolds, ic and fuelsystem (injectors, fuelpumps etc), just missing a working ecu =)
I know a guy that is selling a ProEFI setup that would probably get you rolling the quickest... It's not perfect in my opinion but I would say it's your quickest option as it seems to work ok in a piggyback configuration...FSR Motorsports in my opinion are the best people to talk to about setting it up for our cars.

Another option would be the Pectel SQ6 from Neel at Apex...that being said I don't believe it works well in a piggyback capacity with the BMW would need to be a full standalone so good bye abs, dash, etc...

Best option in the future will be (HOPEFULLY!) the AEM Infinity but that's a year or so away unfortunately.
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