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Originally Posted by SamDoe1 View Post
Agree, unless it was more than just a sloppy fill and the tank actually overfilled. Like I said, I've had it happen to me where the pump doesn't shut off at the right time and it overfills. It actually happens all the time at one specific station, I can't explain why but I've stopped going there.

You never answered my question on how the system "deals with it".
Sorry I thought you were asking about the sloppage. The system deals with it the same way it does fuel expansion. There is an expansion tank and charcoal filter. The extra fuel goes into the tank and is purged back into the motor via the vent valve in the engine compartment. That is for the vapors and the liquid fuel is drained back into the tank when there is room. That is the readers digest version. You can Google it and get a better explanation. Here is a diagram of some of the parts.

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