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Originally Posted by E46330iguy View Post
Your an idiot. Have you even driven a trubo charged car? Ever heard of Turbo lag? A super charged car has no lag, Motor spins the belt Car its more power instantly. A turbo Waits for exhaust gasses to spin it up and takes time to do so
Owned 4, tuned all 4, including a meth/water injected build.

You should consider the meaning of power on demand. When you demand power, a turbo or supercharger provides it via denser compressed air. When you don't demand it, it doesn't compress it. Very simple. Turbo lag doesn't mean it's no longer providing power when you demand it.

You claimed that it atomizes the air which helps it burn better and now you're calling me and idiot? You should learn when to throw in your cards. You were bluffing, you got called on it.

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