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The X300 Ultra likely could be a great weaponlight, but it's still delayed so nobody knows.

An X300 at 170lumen or Streamlight TLR-1S at 160lumen are both very good indoors. The standard Streamlight TLR-1 with 130lumen is also fine. This concept that there is some magic number of lumens where it's no longer good indoors is really just hyperbole. It's all predicated on a myriad of conditions.
I was helping serve felony arrest warrants at a house last night and we had two fugitives that we couldn't find. I found a crawlspace next to the basement stairs, and I looked around and realized that somehow I was the smallest person there. Handed my M4 off to my partner and pulled out my G22 with Streamlight TLR-1S (160lumen) and crawled in. It was tighter confines and lots of stuff in there. If the concept that say, 100 or 120 lumens was the upper limit, I should have been blind. Nope, 160lumens was not a problem. I wound up dragging this 20yo kid out by his shirt collar with my pistol to the back of his skull. He looked at me initially and was obviously adverse to the light.

The biggest advantage to having a light is that with it, you OWN the space you illuminate. Anyone you illuminate is going to have to fight through that light. Regardless of what the lumen levels are and what texture and color of paint is on the walls and all that hoopla, the simple fact is that the criminal or threat will always be at a much greater disadvantage than you, because the light is pointing directly at them and they have to fight though it. You get to fight WITH it. This is why I really advocate quality handheld or weapon mounted lights.

For all weaponlights, the two most powerful for small arms are the SureFire M900LT at 700lumens and M900V at 500lumen. There are a lot in the 200ish range.
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