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Originally Posted by edrock200 View Post
Long shot, but I recently had this happpen to my m3 too. Surprisingly, it ended up being th positive terminal junction under the hood. The bolt was lose. Tightening this bolt solved the issue for me. Same symptoms as you, all electronics worked, but car wouldn't crank. One tightened, it fired right up. Is it a stick? If so, can you roll start it?
I was about two clicks away from buying a new starter and then I saw your post about the loose terminal. Went and checked and it was sure as sh1t loose! It was so close of a tolerance between the lug and the ring terminal that it had begun to arc weld and create corrosion on the metal. The plastic housing was also in bad shape but I believe it's salvageable. I'm going to clean up all the metal surfaces with some emory cloth and put a healthy coat of dielectric grease on all the newly exposed metal and tighten everything down. This looks like it could have been dangerous if it had been left to get worse. Lesson learned and hopefully this will help another fanatic like it did me!! Thanks again, bro. You saved me $200 and a day of work which would have all been for nothing.
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