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Originally Posted by sammk View Post
That's exactly what I say.. Why would any sane person waste the last three days trying to push a bill only to veto it before it even goes to vote?

Originally Posted by Act of God View Post
250k is still middle class, it's inane to lump them in with actual rich people. If anyone's been paying attention, we went from $1 million under Clinton to $250k, if you don't think 150k is next you got another thing coming.

p.s - everyone probably needs to pay more and drastic spending cuts are needed. It has already been established that a 100% tax on the rich wouldn't solve our problems.
But why was he wasting time with a vote that will be vetoed? Do you think an agreement can be meet for 500K? The 250K is ridiculous, if I remember correctly Biden said they were going to raise taxes on million and above during the debates.
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