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Originally Posted by B8888KC View Post
I own the omd em5. I love the little camera. Make sure you've installed the latest version of lightroom or photoshop if you use it. I had difficulties editing the pics before because when i first got it, lightroom and photoshop didnt support .orf files, but now they do, and i love it even more. Very easy to use. Metering is accurate, and af is much faster than my old panasonic gf1. Great image quality considering it's from a mirrorless camera. I'm pleased with the image quality even with the 12-50 f3.5-6.3 lens that came with the camera. Not a big fan of the touchscreen, though. And the flash that comes in the box is useless for me, but maybe because i already own the olympus FL36R flash.

Cons? Jpeg pics came a little oversharpened, even after i dialed it down. Shooting in raw helps. Touchscreen menu isnt great (maybe im just mot used to touchscreen cameras) but can be disabled. That's about it to me. Did i mention i love the camera?
Thanks for your thoughts!

Do the menus need to be accessed through the touch screen or can you toggle with other buttons? Also, do you have any pics from the camera that you'd be willing to post?
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