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In the end you're really only hurting yourself. From Four ways to help prevent prostate cancer:

2- Masturbate: How it works: Now before you shake your fist in anger, allow us to explain. By no means is AskMen promoting that men everywhere start masturbating to prevent prostate cancer. But several studies conducted in the last few years have indeed suggested that masturbation protects against prostate cancer. Actually, it was ejaculation, achieved by either sex or masturbation, that showed benefit.

Just how does ejaculation protect against prostate cancer? One theory is that it allows the prostate to clear itself of carcinogens. In other words, masturbation may literally clean your pipes.

How to perform: Yeah, nice try -- thatís for you to figure out. But as far as frequency is concerned, we can give you an estimate for that. According to the largest study of its kind, a 2004 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, to gain any protective benefit against prostate cancer, more than 12 ejaculations per month (i.e. masturbating or having sex every other day) was necessary. Whatís more, each increase of three ejaculations per week was associated with a 15% decrease in prostate cancer risk.

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