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Originally Posted by casino is no lie View Post
That's a rather dichotomous and simplistic view. You take a presumption approach to how all gun owners view gun control or a lack thereof.

It's not an all or nothing approach for many. So don't treat it as such.
Yes simplistic because those with scales in their eyes need basic language to understand the view points, as is the case with many of the arguments in this thread. Guns are not the problem and we dont need more laws. The problem stems from criminals.

Here is something to ponder, schools are "gun free" zones. What has that law accomplished? I will tell you, it prevents law abiding citizens from protecting themselves on school grounds. It also gives the upper hand to criminals as they know no one in schools can shoot back.

Do you understand my argument? Im not trying to be insulting just want to know what we're arguing here.
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